Question #2 Is it advisable not to have carpets cleaned during the winter months?

  • 27 Jun, 2014
Answer: Not at all!
If you are putting off carpet cleaning until spring that it is 4 months away? FOURmonths! That’s a long time to let your carpet go if it needs cleaning right now.
Putting off cleaning is costing you with damaged traffic lanes, spots becoming permanent, delicate fibres breaking down, soil grinding in…the list goes on and on. Until now you may not have had any reason to clean before spring. So, I have decided to help you save your carpet by making you aware of the reasons why you should choose to clean this winter.
Generally shoes are taken off during the winter months to prevent mud tracking indoors, plus it’s much nicer to slip into some nice Uggies during the cold winter months.
Windows are kept closed preventing dirt particles from outside, pollens and bugs from blowing in through open windows & doors, as a result – carpets stay clean for longer!
We use state of the art technology and clean your carpets to a very high temperature, this speeds up the dry time.
In addition, winter air is typically drier than warm weather air, and usually heaters are kept on, thereby speeding the dry time of your carpets/upholstery. We clean our own carpets during the winter months for these very same reasons.
The final bonus to winter carpet cleaning is that we tend to have more availability in our schedule and can often accommodate your cleaning needs in the same week you call our office.
Ring and make an appointment now, you will then have more time to enjoy clean carpets over winter & spring.
By 17 Jul, 2014
We would just like to take a moment and thank all our customers in Melbourne and the suburbs around for supporting our family owned business for the past 40 years.
By 17 Jul, 2014
Answer: Straight away! Our new- top of the range industrial equipment cleans so effectively, you can walk on the carpets immediately after they’re cleaned. The post How soon can I walk on my carpets after cleaning? appeared first on Superior Carpet Care.
By 27 Jun, 2014
Answer: Most residential customers clean their valuable floor coverings, drapes or upholstery at least once per year.
Depending upon the amount of traffic on your surfaces, you may opt to clean more frequently (e.g., two times per year).
Some carpet warranties may be voided if the carpet has not been properly maintained.
They usually require you to have them serviced every 12-18 months.
Waiting too long to clean carpets can permanently damage the fibres and appearance.
By 27 Jun, 2014

Question #1What should I do in preparation for my scheduled cleaning appointment?

By 18 Jun, 2014
By 11 Jun, 2014
We all have those unfortunate times when we spill a glass of wine on our carpet, or the kids “accidentally” use texta’s on the carpet. We all have those moments when we see the honey, orange juice or the like tip onto the carpet in slow motion. It is the way you react in the first few hours that can make the biggest difference to the way the stain can be cleaned up.
By 06 Jun, 2014
By admin 05 Jun, 2014
We recently cleaned a 4 bedroom house in Croydon for Denis and Marie. They were really happy with the results.
The difference from when we started was outstanding!
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