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Cleaning your drapes where they hang

Superior Carpet Care has developed professional techniques that take all the hard work out of cleaning and re-hanging heavy drapes. We offer a high level
of service and clean your drapes to perfection.

Our service is based upon the use of heavy duty steam cleaning, where appropriate, applied to drapes whilst they remain hanging. This treatment is recommended for removal of deep seated dirt, mould and bacteria and leaves your curtains hygienically clean, looking and smelling fresh and bright.

Where steam is too harsh for the fabric in your drapes, or where sun exposure has weakened the delicate fibres, our professional staff are able to recommend appropriate specialised treatments.

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When to clean your drapes

Drapes and curtains are highly decorative elements in your house. They are expensive to purchase, and they are at risk of deterioration from sun exposure and accumulated chemicals found in smoke, dust, air conditioning, incoming pollens and bacteria that breed in dark corners.

Ideally, you should protect your drapes from dust through regular gentle shaking to remove surface dust and dirt. Follow this up with a gentle weekly vacuuming.

Professional steam cleaning is recommended at intervals of 6-18 months, depending on the amount of pollution collected by the fabric.

We recommend a variety of treatments for drapes, depending on the fabric used. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and never wash drapes that are marked “dry clean only”.

We do not recommend cleaning of sheer, fine, see-through curtains where they hang. These should be hand washed or commercially dry cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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