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Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Air duct cleaning in all living areas

Superior Duct Care offers its outstanding quality service in professional
cleaning of air ducts and duct motors. Clean ducts mean clean air throughout your home, with a range of important benefits:

  • Removal of air-borne dust throughout your home – dust that settles on surfaces and is breathed in by family members
  • Minimisation of allergens and health hazards such as pollens, dust, lint,
    pet hair, dust mites, smoke residues, fungi and debris
  • Improved quality of air for people with respiratory conditions and other disorders
  • Removal of contaminants that affect carpets, drapes, upholstery and other valuable furnishings, reducing the amount of wear and tear and the cost of cleaning required to keep fabrics in good condition
  • Elimination of stale or musty odours circulating through the house
  • Maintenance of ducts and air conditioning systems in a clean and workable condition, reducing the risk of system failures and expensive repairs, and reducing fuel costs. Clean air ducts are eco-friendly
  • Minimisation of the risk of fire from ignition of the central heating unit

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When to clean your ducts

Professional duct cleaning is recommended at intervals of 12 – 24 months, depending on the amount of pollution collected within the ducts and the sources of contamination present in your home, such as pets and smokers.

Where family members are sensitive to allergens or have lung or respiratory conditions, duct cleaning should be carried out annually or even more frequently.

As you cannot easily see the interior of your ducts, it might be useful to link your annual duct cleaning with another event, say the end of daylight saving, or school holidays, or a festival such as Easter.

Superior Duct Care uses high quality, professional techniques to ensure thorough, hygienic cleaning of air ducts and duct motors.

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