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Choose professional service for all your
emergency flood restoration in the Melbourne metropolitan area

Superior Carpet Care provides outstanding professional assistance when you experience water damage in your home. We provide advice and quick
attendance by a trained flood restoration technician, who knows how to
identify fibres and fabrics and will select the best cleaning and restoration options for your valuable furnishings.

We have the professional equipment, expert knowledge and proven
techniques to deal with flooding in the home. We are able to clear away
standing water, safely extract water from carpets, rugs, upholstery, drapes
and vents and use blowers to fully dry fabrics.

It is important to deal with flood damage and water leaks immediately.
Further damage may result from extended contact between expensive fabrics and leaking water. You may also be at risk of motor fusion or even electric shock from flooding.

Contact us now to obtain emergency assistance with water damage.

How you can minimize damage

  • Stop the source of water flow
  • Stay away from contaminated water or electrical hazards
  • Move furnishings out of wet areas, or protect legs from moisture absorption with plastic coasters
  • Pin up draperies and upholstery skirts to prevent water circles

What is emergency flooding?

Water can enter your house in a number of ways and cause immediate damage. Left untreated, saturated carpets and furnishing fabrics can become weakened and mouldy, eventually posing a health hazard and necessitating expensive replacements.

Flooding can occur as a result of storm damage, with water entering through your roof, broken windows or skylights, or under doors. As soon as possible, you should block the entry of water, place buckets under leaks and use large towels to soak up excess water. Most domestic insurance policies provide some cover for storm damage, so check with your insurer.

Water damage may also be caused by overflowing baths or basins, due to burst pipes or a burst hose in the dishwasher, washing machine or air conditioning unit, or from defrosting refrigerators and freezers. In such cases, turn off taps or the water main and use towels to restrict the spread of the water.

If there is any risk of electrical contact with the water, keep family and pets away from all contact with the water and turn off electricity at the main switchboard. This is an emergency situation and you will need to ensure electrical safety before any other action is taken.

If power points, electrical equipment or electrical hot water systems have been exposed to floodwater or are water damaged in any way, they must be inspected by a qualified electrician before use. Gas appliances and gas bottles that have been exposed to floodwater should be inspected for safety before use.

Contact us  urgently to discuss your emergency flood restoration requirements.

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